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Re-Post from "Panty Confessions"

Upon further consideration, I've decided to repost several of my original "Panty Confessions" articles here... as they do set the stage for much of what I'd like to have us discuss here. This is the first post, which I think also fits well with the purpose of "Panty Tontine".

If you've read this before, I'd still be interested in your comments!

Thursday, December 29, 2005
With Great Fear and Trembling ...
I have had a secret love affair with women's panties for as far back as I have memories of my youth. I've decided to set aside my powerful fears of being discovered and instead launch an offensive - this blog - where not only will I write about what I've learned about this powerful fetish, but can invite others to share their own thoughts and experiences about how their lives have been shaped by their own secret love affair with those wicked, silken garments.

My panty life has been very private, so much so that I have lived two separate lives: my public life as a businessman, loving husband and father, and a parallel life where I am hopelessly consumed by an overpowering love of panties. No one in my public life would ever guess how much of my life has been dominated by the other invisible side of me.

I was six or seven when I first recall having a strong need to peek at and touch nylon panties. It wasn't until I was in my twenties before I realized that there were other men who shared my mania for women's panties, though I had no idea just how common an affliction it was in men. I was well into my thirties before I discovered and read voraciously about the psychological description for my panty mania... until then I thought fetishes were limited to leather and rubber and great spikey high heels. Who knew from panty fetishism?

But it wasn't until the internet blossomed that I came full up against the sheer number of other men whose lives were dominated by those same silky garments. My own suspicion is that perhaps ten percent of all men may share this fetish, and most suffer the same fears of being discovered and publically humiliated, or being marked as gay or worst of all being accused of being a sexual preditor.

I know none of those things is true of me, and I suspect it's not true of the vast majority of men whose only sin is being controlled and consumed by a love for women's panties. I'd like for this Blog site to become a place where stereotypes and fears are buried and caring understanding dominates what we say here.

There is no universal description for what it is to have a panty fetish; how it is expressed depends on the myrid of experiences each man has had. Some love only to look at them, for others it is primarily a tactile experience, some choose to wear them while others have no need for that, and most have private stashes of pretty panties hiden away from wives or lovers.

These stashes of course have most often been gotten under rather shady circumstances, which those same wives and lovers would be horrified to hear about. Professionals write very little about this fetish, perhaps it's more exciting to write about the "harder" fetishes (rubber, leather, S&M etc), or is it that this fetish comes a bit too close to home for others? That's my suspicion!

There are no doubt many common experiences all panty fetishists share - secret double lives, bingeing and purging cycles as we've attempted to "give it all up", hidden stashes of panties, compulsively searching catalogs, magazines and the Internet for photos of panties, and of course, peeking up any carelessly arranged skirt for a glimpse of the thing we love most. All of it is driven by an overpowering compulsion to see, touch and own women's most private garments.

There will be time enough for detailed confessions later on, I would rather outline what I hope can happen here in this anonymous public forum, and invite you to offer your thoughts.
First this is not intended to be a fantasy site, though I expect I will want to explore how much of a role fantasy plays in my secret life.

If confession is truly good for the soul, then this should be a very healthy place indeed! I will bare my own soul here as well as offering insights that have helped me come to terms with my fetish. Hopefully this will become a safe place, where everyone is free to honestly explore this usually very private topic. Sharing life experiences and asking questions is encouraged, but name calling and flaming is not.

Enough for now - I'll try to post at least once a day, and invite you to comment or post your own confession - to quote the great Bluto: "It don't cost nothin'!"
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