Sunday, April 27, 2008

Update - Bigger Picture

Hi! It's been a while since I last wrote anything here - lots of changes going on in my life have kept me distracted and away.

The good thing I suppose is that it's given me time to think about the direction I want this Blog to go. I’ve decided to pull back and take a big picture approach to exploring the business of living life as a panty fetishist.

So I’ve changed the name to reflect the new direction... after all, the Blog is all about our obsession with panties.No matter how distracting my life is or how crazy my schedule, all it takes is a woman bending over so I catch a glimpse of her panty waistband, or the flash of white as she swings her legs carelessly open exiting her car and my panty obsession instantly blots out whatever else I’d been doing or thinking of.

I go from zero to fetish in about a nanosecond! But you all know that drill.

We obsess for months and months paying no mind to how our mania may be screwing up our lives. Then we try to rein it in, perhaps even going so far as to purge our lives by tossing our collections of both panties and the other collateral that's part of our other, secret life. Binge: Purge: Binge: Purge...

Have you ever dared to wonder just how much irreplaceable treasure you've tossed along your rollercoaster life? The highs are as extraordinarily high as the lows are low… but after all that… I’m not sure I’m willing to change any more. I’ve grown to like who and what I am.The real question is about how to strike a balance… and how to find peace with ourselves?Join me here for a discussion of our panty fetishist's obsessions.Come on down... the confessional door is wide open!INDY


luvherpanties said...

Hello Pantie lovers!
I wish all you well.
I will be adding my pantie autobiography in chapters.
It all started in the first grade with a cute little school mate in an abandoned house.

luvherpanties said...

Click on luvherpanties then click MANON to see my blog. It will be loaded with pics I took. MANON was a hot little 18 yr old when pics were taken. She also was my lover. :-)

JohnT said...

I have been a nylon panty lover since junior high when a attractive neighbor hung her panties on the clothes line and my curiosity went wild and I stole a couple of pair. I took them home and after smelling them and feeling their silkiness I was hooked. I have saved collections and thrown them out over the years but finally came to the decision to keep my stash and enjoy them as it has been some 45 years or more since and I am not going to change.

N said...

Wow, great to find another panty blog. Read all your recent posts and they are great. I have been posting panty pictures sent in to me by readers of my blog. Please check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hello Guys,

If you like used panties, please visit my blog at

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Abby x

Anonymous said...

There are big advantages in sharing your fetish with your partner. The panty obsession is not
that unusal, and it is common knowledge that at least 10% of all men wear womens underwear.How many women have a large collection of panties? Most do, and freely admit that they love their underwear.So it is not surprising that many guys do too.

Unfortunately the panty obsession becomes a 'dirty little secret' that is hidden from all others. Let me assure you that if you can get past this, life becomes a lot more enjoyable. For starters your panties take pride of place in your underwear draw. The desire to accumulate vast quantities and then purge subsides. The tendency in purchasing, particularly if you wear panties every day, is to consider how they will fit( very narrow gussets will leave bits hanging out the sides and become uncomfortable).Lets face it the range of styles, fabrics, and colours in womens panties leave male underwear looking very plain and sterile.

Life is too short, to go around worrying about our obsessions. We have to accept the way we are and so do others, otherwise we deprive ourselves of the enjoyment and pleasures that we desire.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I think life is to short not to enjoy ourselves with sexual pleasures, such as wearing gilrs panties or womens panties. If that is what we want to do in private & we want to share our obession with others then thats ok. In other words you should share and enjoy it. Your right life is to short for us. I don't care if yoiu have worn panties for 50yrs thats ok, but don't hide it. Hay girls if your partner likes wearing your panties and doing his thing in them then let him, it might be the only thing that can release the tention in him. So help him out with his obssesion so that he can have some fun in his life. After all you may be the one to help him out. And guys if your girlfriend has an obession with your privates thats ok as long as you do her good. I mean DON'T CHEAT ON HER, BE HONEST WITH HER. Love can go along ways if done right. PANTIES CAN BE A START.